Nutrition Challenge at RPE

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It's that time of the year again, you've probably over done it from the holidays and now your clothes are tighter fitting. No worries! Let's kickstart ourselves into healthy eating with a 30 day lifestyle challenge.

Starting Thursday February 15th to Friday March 16th we'll be partnering up to make some improvements in our lifestyle and eating.

This challenge is run by your very own Nutrition Coach, Alex Carlson, PN1 whose been successfully running a personalized nutrition coaching program at RPE for the past year.

Now, the focus of this challenge isn't necessarily weight loss... you heard me right! If people lose, gain, or maintain their weight great but, that not my mission. My mission to to teach all of you how to make better choices in your daily routine. I want consistency! That doesn't mean we're going to starve or restrict ourselves for 30 days and then on day 31 all head to Portillo's! 

Eating nutritiously is the single most important action we can do for our bodies to ensure we live healthier, fuller lives. It's literally the fuel for our bodies, imagine putting diesel fuel in a car at that requires unleaded!? The car wouldn't function properly and people would call you crazy for doing it!

But everyday we make choices that are slowly reducing our performance inside and outside the gym. We’re putting the wrong kind of fuel into our bodies. It's not about shame or control, it's just logic. Put good nutritious food into your body and it will reward you with more energy and less aches. 

Let's make a commitment to ourselves that during this 30 day challenge we won't be focused on rigid control over our eating which can sometimes lead to shame and guilt (the two most useless emotions).

Instead I want us to declare your intent. What are you giving up? Alcohol? Desserts? Eating after 8PM? You know what habits your trying to break and which ones you want to last. What’s the one thing you want to change and know you can change if there was a little accountability?

Then, once we determine your intent, let's figure out your WHY. Why are you doing this? Because trust me at some point you start to slip or think of slipping. Thats okay, it means your human but, before you reach for that donut think about why your making this commitment. Works every time to curb those cravings.

Accountability is huge when it comes to success in any part of your life from business to making lifestyle changes. I want you to partner up, don't worry if you don't have a partner I'll assign one. This will provide the accountability piece that people desire when were lost and can't remember their why...

When you join the challenge you'll be added to a secret Facebook group where we swap recipes, ideas, and encouragement. You'll enter your numbers in a Google Doc each day to keep score.

The point system is simple, for each activity you complete on daily basis, you get a point. 

  • 5 Points for Food. Food is all or nothing. You get 5 points for adhering to your plan perfectly. 0 points for food if you deviate at all.
  • 1 point for exercise. Every day. It doesn’t have to be intense, though we’d encourage you to really hit it hard at least 4 days a week. But every day, something. Yoga. A long walk. Whatever, get your heart rate up, use and stretch your muscles.
  • 1 point for hydration. 1/3 – 1/2 in ounces of your bodyweight in water every day. I love water water, but some people find it boring. If you do, not problem try sparkling water or adding fruit to your water bottle.
  • 1 point for mobility. 10 minutes a day of rolling, stretching. It matters. We are always chasing a balance of strength and mobility. If you have too much of one, not balanced out by the other, you’re at greater risk for injury.
  • 1 point for sleep. Yup. Sleep is super important for brain and body. It’s when your body releases growth hormone to heal (and build) your muscles. It’s when your brain sorts things out. 7 hours a night, minimum. We know this is hard for some people, especially those with kids, but by trying to prioritize it, we’ve seen people make big changes.
  • 1 point for reporting to your partner/group. This is actually super important, because this is where community and accountability work their magic. We ask people to fill out their score on the Google doc (it’s 6 yes or no questions, takes 30 seconds) AND write a post in the secret page about what they ate, did and how they felt. This is where the magic happens.

At the end of the 30 days we'll be choosing 1 male &  female winner based on total points. They'll receive a prize (usually Spam cookbook). JK!

Sounds simple right? Well it's simple but it won't be easy, we don't grow when things are easy. We'll start out the challenge by filling out a questionnaire to get a personalized nutrition program.

And because it's CrossFit we need to test our performance as well, so we'll have a special WoD for everyone to test and re-test. You’re going to be amazed how much food plays into your performance at the gym!

Again, this challenge isn't about white-knuckling it for 30 days. That doesn't do anyone any good, instead this is about us coming together as a gym to improve our health and support each other. 

The cost is $30/person which includes a Personalized Nutrition Program, Weekly Recipes, Travel Wod's, and Accountability.

That's only $1.00/day, spend the $1.00 to make some serious change in your life happen! To sign up please email