Eat This/Not That: Getting Your Morning Protein


This week I was struck by how difficult some people find it to get enough protein. Your goal should range from .7-1.0g/lb of body weight. One of the best places to get it is first thing in the morning.

Obviously, eggs are the place to start. But the fat and calories can add up fast. So consider egg whites. Each egg weight has just 16 calories but gives you 4 grams of

protein with no fat. Compare that to the 71 calories and 6 grams of protein (and 5 grams of fat) in a whole egg.

Scramble four egg whites with three ounces of turkey lunch meat (25 calories/ounce; 4.2 g protein) and in about three minutes you’re sitting down to nearly 30 grams of protein for under 150 calories with barely any fat.