Got Questions? Good!

I’ve been talking to quite a few members in the gym and there’s been a theme developing. They’ve got questions and don’t know where to find those answers... well you’re in luck because you’ve got a coach!

I’ll run you through a typical scenerio... I’ve got 16 athletes in front of me as I explain the workout. After carefully explaining each part and giving scaling options I say does anyone have any specific questions? If so, please ask NOW or come speak to me... then it’s 3.2.1 Go! Sometimes people ask questions at the whiteboard, more times than not everyone is in silence as they look at the impending doom awaiting them. 

Now at this point I can usually tell whose confused with the workout or maybe they’re unsure of the weight that’s right for them. How can I tell? Easy... I just look at your faces and it tells all! At this point I will go up to each individual if time allows to make them feel comfortable with the WoD but, that’s not always the case.


There is a small group of people that don’t express their confusion and they don’t ask any questions. What happens then? Well I can tell you it’s not good!

They might be choosing the wrong scale or modification, too light or heavy of a weight, or have generally no clue what they’re doing. You’re in luck though... you no longer have to settle for confusion in class. Why? Because if your confused the chance you get injured, have reduce performance, and loose interest in CrossFit is high.

I want.... No I encourage people to ask questions! You’re going to get a whole lot more out of what were doing in the gym if you understand your personalized approach.

The coach’s job is to provide an amazing experience for you the athlete AND to answer all your questions so, you’re not bothering us. 

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum... I don’t want people to loose their ability to choose weights and understand their individual needs.

If you really don’t know what you’re doing in class please ASK A COACH!