Coaches Corner: How’s Your Triple Extension?


The athletic pyramid has a strong, solid base in the most important concept - triple extension. What does that mean and how does it apply to you?
Let’s start with the definition: Triple extension is the holy grail of power generation; the point at which the ankle, knee, and hip are fully extended, providing maximum power output upwards. The use of triple extension is the driving force of all weightlifting and jumping movements, among others.
Why should you care? Because the better your triple extension, the more efficiently you’ll move, the more weight you’ll lift, and the better athlete you’ll become. Not improving on the Olympic lifts? Work on triple extension. Having trouble getting the bar overhead? Work on triple extension. Want to become more explosive in running and kettlebell swings? Work on triple extension!
Need help with your triple extension? Ask any of the coaches. That’s what we’re here for.