Coaching Tip: CrossFit Etiquette

This week’s column is a bit outside the coaching sphere, but important to the overall success of a workout and our community. Here are 10 resolutions I hope everyone will make in 2019.

  1. Sign up for class and sign in. Our classes are getting larger and we want to make sure they’re staffed appropriately. We also want to track attendance to know when it’s time to add (or delete) a class.

  2. Be on time. Our coaches work hard to start and end class on time. If you come in 10 minutes late, you don’t have time to warm up and it can disrupt the class.

  3. Listen. Coaching instructions while at the white board are designed to keep you safe and help you be successful with the lifts and WODs. Side conversations keep you – and others – from hearing

  4. Protect the equipment. Please don’t drop light weights from overhead. This is called ghostriding and it can damage the bar and break the plates, not to mention bounce around and hurt someone. Oh, and dropping kettlebells on the platform is also a no-no.

  5. Clean your stuff up. That means wipe off the equipment and the floor and put everything away – where it belongs.

  6. Stay in your space. We can get pretty crowded in some classes with people and equipment.

  7. Respect the athlete’s space. Someone starting a big lift? Be careful not to walk in front of them – they need to concentrate.

  8. Introduce yourself to new members and drop ins. Remember, CrossFit is about community!

  9. Respect the coach. Our coaches work hard and want only the best for you. That’s why they’re continually providing you with tips to help you improve. After all, no matter how long you’ve been doing CrossFit, we all have room for improvement!

  10. Use the right towel for the right purpose. The bright white ones are for your face; the grey icky ones are for the floor.