Coaching Tip: Keep Your Kids Active Over Winter Break


Just because the weather’s bad doesn’t mean your kids have to become couch potatoes. Here's an easy game for you to play at home. All you need is a dice and an open space. Roll the dice and have your child complete the following movements. Substitute movements throughout the winter break to keep it interesting!
For younger kids (ages 2-6): 

  • Crab walk

  • Bear crawl (hips high and straight legs)

  • Frog hop (broad jump)

  • Bunny hop (quick jumps)

  • Giraffe walk (up on your toes, reaching high overhead)

  • Gorilla crawl (like bear crawl, but sideways and bending knees)

For older kids (ages 7-12) 

  • 10 jumping jacks

  • 10 squats

  • 10 push-ups (or press up to plank and hold for 2 seconds, repeat for 10)

  • 10 burpees

  • 10 mountain climbers

  • 10 sit-ups (butterfly legs where bottoms of feet touch)

Have fun! Feel free to tweak any of the movements to your liking but we have a lot of success when kids think of exercise as a game.