Eat This/Not That: New Year's Resolutions


It’s New Year’s resolution time! Studies show that the more specific your resolution (ie, “I resolve to only drink 1 glass of wine a night,” vs “I will cut back on drinking,”) the more likely you are to stick to them. Here are some fitness-focused resolutions to get you started.

In 2019, I resolve to: 

  1. Attend class at least ___ days a week.

  2. Meet my macros at least ___ days a week.

  3. Not beat myself up if I have an “off” nutritional day.

  4. Get at least 25 percent of my body weight in ounces of water with an ideal goal of 50 percent.

  5. Plan my meals for the week.

  6. Bring my lunch at least ___ days a week.

  7. Limit myself to ___ alcoholic drinks a week.

  8. Pay more attention to how my clothes fit than to the scale.

  9. Take at least 30 minutes a day just for me.

  10. Focus own progress in the gym rather than comparing myself to others.