Coaches Corner: Getting Gymnasty


When it comes to gymnastics in CrossFit, most of us aspire to attain the big skills: ring or bar muscle ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, handstand push-ups, or big sets of toes-to-bar.
Attaining those skills requires a certain amount of body weight strength, coordination, and spatial awareness. The best and safest way to ensure you have the requirements needed for these high-level skills is taking the time and putting in the effort to do them STRICT.
Performing the higher-level gymnastics skills strict (without momentum, i.e. a kip) demonstrates mastery of the movement. It shows possession of the required body weight strength, coordination, spatial awareness, and flexibility to perform the skill. It also significantly reduces the possibility of injury when momentum (a kip) is later added.
But gymnastics in CrossFit is much more than high-level skills. All body weight movements in CrossFit are considered gymnastics (pull-ups, push-ups, air squats, etc). Mastering and building strength in body weight movements will positively influence your functional fitness, both inside and outside the gym, and serve as a stepping stone to the higher level gymnastics skills while enhancing your proficiency when an external object load (such as a barbell) is added.
So take a few minutes a day, before or after class, to work on your strict gymnastics strength (whether you have the skill or not) and watch how it pays off!