Brian McCann


Rally coach

Brian is a Deerfield native. Growing up with two older brothers who were much larger and stronger, left him with a sense of inadequacy for a long time. Brian’s journey through fitness started from the age of twelve. Being overweight for a long time influenced Brian to work out at park near his house. Looking back Brian found it unbelievable how much better he felt after creating workouts involving sprinting, sliding down slides, and poorly performed pull-ups. Brian stated, “the most pivotal part for me was the understanding that I can actually manipulate my fitness and progress with absolutely no equipment or gym, only my high level of desire for what I wanted. I found my love in training and then I found wrestling. Wrestling was and still is a huge part of my life since I was about thirteen. Between weight control, training, combat, and the brotherhood I formed in the sport in high school and college especially, my quality of life has been so high.” Brian found a niche in leadership from being captain of the St. John’s University wrestling team.

What led him to CrossFit is functional movements, position of leadership, high pace, intensity, and, his favorite part, the group atmosphere. Brian says, “I want to grow, you want to grow, so let’s excel together.” He hopes to use his college degree to enhance himself in mental wellness, as well as, physical wellness to be the best coach, mentor, leader, manager, and family man as possible. Brian’s journey has been a lively, scary, heartbreaking, and fun one. He’s excited about the future. Rally on!


  • St. John's University – BA in Psychology
  • CrossFit Level 1


  • Captain of SJU wrestling 
  • Tough Mudder