Stronger. Faster. Fitter.

        Courtney Fedacsek With Her Two Sons

       Courtney Fedacsek With Her Two Sons

Courtney Fedacsek is no stranger to change:

  • The Akron, Ohio native left the comfort of the Midwest and Big 10 country to row for the University of Miami crew team.
  • After 15 years in South Florida, she and her husband moved to Highland Park for a work opportunity and to settle down and raise their family.
  • The once and future wealth manager re-entered the financial industry after a six-year break.

It’s no surprise that when it came to transforming her fitness routine, Courtney was chomping at the bit to try something new.

“CrossFit was something I’d been looking at for a while and wanting to try,” she says.

With the nudging of her friend, Julie Ackerman, CrossFit Games competitor and RPE coach, Courtney gave it a shot.

“She told me ‘You have to try it, you have to try it.’ I took a foundations class, and I was hooked. That was it,” Courtney remembers.

Her dedication is as solid as ever, frequenting both RPE locations 4-6 days per week, including weekends.

“I really just like the competitive nature of it,” she says. “There’s something so unique and different. It feels more fulfilling than just going to the gym. You’re with people who have the same desire to push themselves as you do.”

Push herself she has.

You just find this strength within you that you didn’t think you necessarily had, and it helps with all aspects of your life.

Courtney recently competed in the 2017 Tandem Throwdown in Arlington Heights, and up next is a competition in late September.

As much as she’s realizing a return on her fitness investment, Courtney also feels the benefits of CrossFit outside of the gym in the following ways:

She’s Discovered Newfound Energy
Whatever stamina Mother Time stole from her since her days as a high school and collegiate athlete, Courtney has reclaimed in spades. The strength and endurance she’s developed through CrossFit enhances her tennis game and activities like swimming, biking and kayaking.

“I’m stronger, faster, and fitter than I would be without CrossFit,” she says.

It’s Taught Her That She Can Push Past Her Own Limits
“Within CrossFit, it teaches you so much about yourself because you can push past the limits you think you have,” she says. “And not just physical. A lot of times there are mental limits you place upon yourself. And so when you push past those, you feel a physical accomplishment and a mental triumph that can carry forward into your work and your personal life. You just find this strength within you that you didn’t think you necessarily had, and it helps with all aspects of your life.”

Stronger Mental Fortitude
Courtney felt a lot less intimidated to try CrossFit than resuming her career. She admits that she was nervous about returning to the corporate world.

But CrossFit bolstered her confidence.

“It gave me the mental toughness to work through life’s struggles, which was an added benefit I didn’t anticipate. I had a confidence that I could work through challenges.”

CrossFit Helps Her Set a Good Example for Her Kids
Courtney brings her sons to her competitions to teach them about the importance of setting goals and working to achieve them. Even if she doesn’t place well, she believes it’s healthy for them to observe her efforts.

“It’s good for them to see that. If you fail, you continue to work hard toward your goal. My oldest says, ‘I’m proud of you, mom.”

However, she does get a ribbing from her baby.

“My 6-year-old says, “It’s too bad because you could’ve gotten a medal!”