To CrossFit or not to CrossFit?

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Each month we will spotlight a different member’s CrossFit journey and examine how they benefit from CrossFit outside of the gym.

These stories demonstrate that the strength, stamina, and endurance cultivated in the box follow you throughout the day.

You leave CrossFit RPE when the workout is over, but the workout doesn’t leave you.


To CrossFit or not to CrossFit?

That was the question for Brendan Killeen.

Unlike our favorite Shakespearean tragic hero, there was no agonizing over his decision.

The answer was simple: Not to.

While Brendan didn’t put a monarchy in peril, he sure wasn’t scoring points with his wife, a CrossFit regular, going from bed to box daily at 5AM.

Nor could he keep his buddy off his case, who at the time worked for Reebok, the title sponsor of CrossFit.

As a former college basketball player, Brendan knew a full-court press when he saw one.

“My wife convinced me through extreme guilt,” says Brendan, who caved in. “She said, ‘You can do anything for three months. If you don’t like it, quit.’”

Brendan left his “man-spa” health club, complimentary eucalyptus towels and all, for CrossFit RPE. Three months has developed into over two years, and he hasn’t looked back.

Though it took some coaxing at first, Brendan has done it his way, mastering foundational movements at his own pace, and proving to himself that he belongs in the CrossFit community.

As Brendan has shown, CrossFit is for everyone, and here he shares how it benefits other aspects of his life:

He is now a morning person
“I was never a morning person,” Brendan says. “I was always a night owl, and now that’s flipped.”

So much so that 5:15 and 5:30AM classes are the norm for him.

“Putting my two feet on the ground first thing in the morning is a WOD in itself for me,” he jokes, but he’s home in time to help corral his four kids, and the work day ahead feels a lot less daunting.

His energy levels are higher and longer-lasting
As a sales director who travels every week on business, Brendan has gone from none the worse for wear to bring it on. The routine of CrossFit helps him manage his work schedule more efficiently.

“I have become wildly regimented,” he says.

It also has kept his basketball game fresh.

“I’m not at my college basketball performance level,” he admits, but Brendan still plays in pickup games and wouldn’t have the endurance to keep up with the youngins were it not for CrossFit.

Nutrition is a priority
CrossFit has inspired an overall healthier lifestyle for Brendan. While he’s gotten more serious about fitness, he’s also paying more attention to his diet.

“I've been at CrossFit for two years now, and I knew that in order to make any real change, nutrition needed to be a part of it,” he says.

He now emphasizes protein over fat, ordering fewer pizzas and eating more chicken, seafood, and yogurt, even though “The smell of Greek yogurt is brutal!”

He as forged strong friendships
The immediate draw to CrossFit for Brendan was the sense of community.

“I liked the group atmosphere, the accountability, and the team aspect of CrossFit.”

Workout partners quickly became friends, and now there are meetups, family get-togethers, and a busier social life for Brendan and his wife.

“We hang out, and we don’t just talk about all things CrossFit,” he says.

He takes his CrossFit show on the road
Brendan doesn’t let business travel break his routine. Where there’s a box, there’s a way, as far as he’s concerned.

Along with his work appointments, he ensures to book drop-in classes at affiliates near and far.

“I feel better holistically,” he says. “My level is: I’m a happy guy.”